¡Viable and Alternative Mine Operating System!

¡VAMOS! will enable access to high grade EU reserves of deeper seated minerals by providing a new safe, clean and low visibility mining technique, and will prove the environmental and economic viability of extracting currently unreachable mineral deposits, thus encouraging investment and helping to safeguard the EU access to strategically important minerals. 

The ¡VAMOS! mining technique will enable:

  • re-opening abandoned mines; 
  • extensions of opencut mines which are limited by stripping ratio, hydrological or geotechnical problems;
  • opening of new mines with limited environmental impacts in the EU.

Driven by the safety requirements of the mining industry and the environmental concerns of the general public regarding mining wastes and large tailings, ¡VAMOS! will develop a novel automated solution for exploration, extraction and pre-processing of ores found in inland flooded mines or in shallow sea waters, and will engage with all stakeholders to achieve environmental, economically and socially acceptable solutions to enable the exploitation of EU’s inland submerged mineral deposits.

Reference: 642477
Duration: February 2015 to July 2018

Coordinator: BMT Group (United Kingdom)
Funding agency:
European Union


Type of Action:
Research and Innovation Action (RIA)

SC5-11a-2014 (Mining of small and complex deposits and alternative mining)

Website: www.vamos-project.eu