Material Durability for Off-Shore

The MaDurOS project has the ambition to further broaden the scope of the existing regional MaDurOS program geographically to a European context, as well as to widen its application scope to other materials (aluminium, composites, etc.), as well as other asset-intensive sectors such as deep-sea mining, geothermal drilling, renewables, power generation and oil & gas. These sectors are all facing a similar challenge that the absence of dedicated testing facilities to characterize the behaviour of materials under severe or harsh conditions, is a roadblock towards material driven innovations. At the same time, the EIT RawMaterials would provide a unique opportunity to further inventorize and enrich existing set-ups, identify testing blind spots, as well as expand the predictive simulation models with complementary competences (soil mechanics, wave/tidal mechanics, etc.)

The objectives of the project are therefore to:

  • Bring a unique and complete testing/simulation offer towards asset-intensive industries which will trigger application driven collaborative R&D projects aimed at reducing design conservatism in using and exploiting raw materials.
  • Establish a single-point-of-contact and compensation for discounted access price to facilitate the uptake, acceptance and access to the infrastructure.

As such, the scope and objectives of this project align perfectly with at least three of the six knowledge and innovation themes of the EIT RawMaterials: 1) exploration and raw materials resource assessment (deep exploration techniques), 2) mining in challenging environments (technologies and concepts to mine the sea bed in a sustainable way) and 3) substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and for optimised performance (tools to model the links between materials, components and product systems), and also feed into the 2nd Lighthouse Programme “The High Tech Sustainable Mine of the Future”.

Furthermore, large scale experimental facilities act as a magnet for industrial high-tech activities, they enhance the position of local enterprises and facilitate establishing new innovative companies, while unique facilities also attract international business.

INESC TEC participates in the MaDurOS project with the TEC4SEA research infrastructure.

Reference: 15058
January 2016 to December 2018
OCAS (Belgium)
Funding agency:
European Union

EIT RawMaterials
Type of Action:
KIC Added Value Activities (KAVA)
Topic: Network of Infrastructure (NoI)