Connecting Humans and Systems at Remote Ocean Areas using Cost-effective Broadband Communications

The BLUECOM+ project aims at developing an innovative communications solution that will enable broadband, cost-effective Internet access at remote ocean areas (beyond 100 km from shore) using standard wireless access. The BLUECOM+ solution will be the first to provide broadband Internet access at remote ocean areas through standard wireless access technologies.

The BLUECOM+ key idea and innovation lies on:

  • Using Helikites that can be tethered to existing and new land and ocean platforms, and support the deployment of communications nodes at high altitudes for maximizing line-of-sight coverage, with the ultimate purpose of creating an airborne communications network extending wired and/or wireless Internet access from shore to remote ocean areas.
  • Exploiting standard, low cost, and low-power wireless technologies that enable the use of sub GHz frequency bands, which enable ranges of tens of kilometers when the antennas are installed at high altitudes.
  • Leveraging multi-hop relaying techniques to further increase range, even though at the cost of lower bandwidth.
  • Provisioning standard access networks at the sea, so that users and systems at remote ocean areas can get connected to the Internet as if they were on land or near shore.
  • Provisioning acoustic communications for underwater sensors and unmanned vehicles.
  • Using standard wireless technologies that enable secure and reliable communications.

Reference: PT02-0019
July 2015 to December 2016
Coordinator: INESC TEC (Portugal)
Funding agency:
EEA Grants
Programme: Integrated Marine and Coastal Management (PT02)
Presentation videos: English version | Portuguese version